Main building in New Haven


The Divine Crusade is a Minecraft server owned by Fabianius that exists since 1 January 2011 and is aimed at creating buildings which fit into the landscape, the forests, jungles respectively all the biomes around.

If you want to battle for your existence, you're maybe wrong on this Minecraft server. You don't have to be afraid of users wielding diamond swords with the objective of killing you and taking all your items. Currently we have PvP mainly deactivated. However, there are a couple of zones, especially arenas, where it is activated. Besides, monsters are also deactivated so you won't be caught off guard when entering caves.

As you certainly want to invest a lot of time into building your home or even a city, you might also get your area protected. We don't want too many smaller protected areas in our Minecraft server, therefore you generally only get area protection if you build a town of a certain size with a few other inhabitants.

Visit us! Our server address is:


Unfortunately, the server is offline.