The Divine Crusade contains a significant number of lovely and well-conceived towns. They were built by relentless constructors who are honoured in this section.


Crusadecity is the biggest city in our server. Founded by N2tZ and built not only by him but most team members it can be regarded as our main spawn town.

Crusadecity Crusadecity Crusadecity Crusadecity


Xariz is the largest solo town we have had on this server in its recent history. The time and creativity gone into creating such a town can only have come from a true builder such as dannyboy161.

Xariz Xariz Xariz Xariz


Mountainbase was built by N2tZ and includes an incredible building: the library.

Mountainbase Mountainbase Mountainbase Mountainbase


Newhaven was one of the first serious towns built by iloz. The architectural style of the several buildings is terrific.

Newhaven Newhaven


Mtgcity was built by Mtgcostello a long time ago. He never built on it regularly but always returned (even after months of absence) to continue on building his city. Mtgcity is filled with skyscrapers with lots of glass.

Mtgcity Mtgcity Mtgcity Mtgcity Mtgcity Mtgcity


Noreg was initially created by Lemmers with the aid of weare, buddyboy3433 and weedbone.

Noreg Noreg


A truly impressive town in Valefore built by the dedicated and talented hands of Yazu13 and Valefore's citizens (Blue_sokz, drone184, _Juiceboxes_, Mtgcostello, and sinnz). Within this marvel of architecture there is a Police Station for dealing with the inevitable troublemakers that online interacting always brings out at times, a pleasing and cozy Bakery for hungry crafters with a sweet tooth, The Amber Moon Cafe and Town Hall for hanging out and town business, a Public Library and relaxing shady spot for reading fine literature among friends, and lastly, The Temple of Blue Flame, Burning Soul Dojo and Hotel Lockhart for worship, sparring and relaxing after a long day of travel in luxury. (Source)

Clearwater Clearwater Clearwater Clearwater