When our first server, The Reign of Apaches, arose, we also laid the foundation stone of a unique community that has been flourishing over the past year and still is. Our team but also all the other members of our server are willing to give you a hand at anytime.


Our community is endemic to two servers currently: The Divine Crusade (our main server) and The Testing Grounds (our second server).

High score

The players who were most online during a year, chatted most but also cursed most are being honoured on our annual high score table. I would personally like to thank everybody who is an active part in The Divine Crusade Minecraft experience and who contributed to the server by spending time and sparing no effort. Remember, you are what makes The Divine Crusade unique!



Should you happen to have any questions or requests about the server, don't hesitate and contact the server owner Fabianius on #divinecrusade on

Click here to join our IRC channel

Please note that it may take several hours until a team member answers you. A person listed in the online list might be idle. In that case, just wait some hours until you're provided support.