Home of Fabianius in The Reign of Apaches


The Divine Crusade lets you dive into a Minecraft adventure you've never experienced before. Explore the tremendous world, make new friends, settle down – and make a fortune!


It all began on a cool summer's eve. It was no regular day – not at all. It was New Year's Eve and we (Fabianius and the rest of our team) were all prepared for 2011. Except for the overloaded Minecraft server that worked in my garage. A couple of friends and I were still online when approaching 12 o'clock. We were all aware of the fact that something had to change. The server already ran for several days but wasn't prepared for the sudden increase of members. More and more Minecrafters joined and there was still no elaborate strategy for our server.

We started drawing a scenario for the future and it was clear to everyone that we had to make a new server with a fresh and empty map. A few hours after midnight the server was ready and the first users joined consequently. A totally new and lasting Minecraft adventure was awaiting all of us.


Our roots can be traced way back to November 2010, when Fabianius and Sinns started playing Minecraft on their very own private server. A month later, they decided to make it public and called their server The Reign of Apaches. On New Year's Eve our current server, The Divine Crusasde, was founded and has since been the home of hundreds of Minecraft players.

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It is our aim not only to have a server. We want to incorporate a strong community that shows obvious signs of cohesion. Life isn't only about building and constructing. We encourage our users to participate in our economic world so that they can start a thriving business and finally generate a sizeable fortune.


We allow you to play on The Divine Crusade. You - in exchange - have to follow rules and respect them. Not doing so means getting punished appropriately (by either temporary or even indefinite actions). You can find a list of all rules and punishments here.

Current Settings


Default user with building rights
Popular and "established" player who fits greatly into the community but most likely doesn't do administrative stuff yet
Mature user who is widely known and directly helping the server by moderating it (i. e. sorting out server issued and banning griefers if necessary)
The odious dictator responsible for keeping the server alive - who is always having the last word
Silver Donator
Financial supporter of the server
Gold Donator
Financial supporter of the server

Click here to read more about each rank and the commands that are available for the players in Minecraft.

Bukkit Plugins

for essential commands such as /who, /home, etc.
permissions plugin enabling us to have different user groups
protecting our server against griefers
protection against spammers
logs all changes to our world and makes it hence possible to trace griefers
chest protection
a home for each and every player
global, public and private warps
lifts, bridges, gates, etc.
discover the world from the sky
offering online map
Restricting the overall map size