Currently the server expenses aren't excessive since there is a reasonable number of members on the server. Therefore, we aren't in need of a professional dedicated server solution as of now. However, as soon as the number of members rises and the lag becomes unbearable, we will need and thus get a VPS.

That's why we need your help! You can support our server by donating a small amount of money. That is going to enable us to pay the bills for the server. All your donations are invested into the server. I will not take personal advantage of your contributions.

Of course you don't come away empty-handed, you benefit from donating as well!

All donations count for a lifetime on The Divine Crusade! So you'll keep all your perks forever!

Silver Donation (10 Dollar)

Gold Donation (25 Dollar)

How to donate?

PayPal (bank account or credit card required, aged 18+)

Go to and create your own account (if you haven't got one yet). Log in and select Send Money in the menu. Type in the desired amount of money you want to donate.

Thank you for your support!

Onebip (mobile phone required, aged <18)

Transfer money with your mobile phone credit 10 Dollar

Transfer money with your mobile phone credit 25 Dollar