A Minecraft server isn't just a compound of randomly-built buildings and its inhabitants. It's a lively community, whose members are devoting their time on building new creations and chatting with friends. As this is a non-whitelisted Minecraft server, new players may always turn up and sometimes want to catch too much attention. The nature of a community therefore makes it inevitable to us that there are also people who don't adhere to the rules and hence we need authorities to get around with such "scum". Our team is always looking out for troublemakers and drawing conclusions whenever required.

Being part of our team is considered a privilege. You won't just reach a rank by doing nothing. Should you want to apply for VIP or Moderator, don't nag us by asking this same question over and over again. Don't do anything. Just behave as you always do (hopefully friendly and mature) and you will be most likely recommended by a moderator to the administrator. He will then decide whether you are suitable for this job. The ranks of A-, B- and C-list celebrities is reserved for members who could attract our attention by doing or building something remarkably.


Fabianius Fabianius

Head Moderator

Zxp Zxp


Inuma13 Inuma13

snipeytje snipeytje

edroy10 edroy10

Jakerid Jakerid

DakotaAbels DakotaAbels

Mtgcostello Mtgcostello

dannyboy161 dannyboy161


BismarkCCGamer BismarkCCGamer

klot88 klot88

Fullash Fullash

nightangle465 nightangle465

Server Legends

Blue_sokz Blue_sokz

sinnz sinnz

N2tZ N2tZ

iloz iloz


Sinns Sinns

Unstable Unstable


dtgwer dtgwer

No_Exception No_Exception

JammyTheEpic1 JammyTheEpic1

RoofToilet1107 RoofToilet1107

_Juiceboxes_ _Juiceboxes_

St0nie St0nie

Herobrine Herobrine(active)

The Disappointments

WolfTears WolfTears

Yazu13 Yazu13

More celebrities...

How to become a member of staff

Contrary to common belief it isn't that easy to become a member of staff such as VIP or moderator. However, should you consider yourself suitable for all the heavy responsibilities that accompany such a promotion, don't ask us. Don't even dare talking about it. Just behave as you'd normally do. Show your commitment to this server, your everyday decent level of maturity and contribute by constructing buildings and helping others.

Contrary to common belief it is easy to be incorporated into the list of famous celebrities of the server. Act as Zxp does and you'll be added in no time.


Moderating a Minecraft server is a lot of work. You have to cope with griefers who somehow try to compromise your server. I'd like to devote this little section to all the griefers who put an incredible lot of effort into ruining our server. And I'd also like to mention that they never succeeded.

Click here to see a list of all the banned users.