The common human social coexistence consists of two parts: Rights and Duties. The country you live in for example offers you freedom of speech and builds motorways. In exchange for that, you pay taxes and you're forced to defend your country when there's a war.

Never forget that there simply is no right to play on a server. There also is no right to get promoted. However, we guarantee to not discriminate you. We also won't grief you without any reason.

In fact, it's likely there are more duties than rights. They are meant to support every player whenever you feel you were offended or griefed. They ensure that justice is done to the victim and that the culprit gets penalised.


  1. Destroying the work of others is strictly prohibited
    • Jail if minor grief
    • Ban appropriately (conference with another moderator is preferable)
    • Crusher may used in cases of theft - only to take items stolen
  2. Destroying your own work is only allowed if it truly was only made by you (it's forbidden to ask others to help)
    • Ban appropriately (with consent of administrator)
  3. It is not acceptable to kill someone outside of a designated PvP area (also don't lead someone into such an area with the aim of killing that player)
    • Apologise in person and return all items stolen


  1. Generators (which use an unintentional bug or generate from nothing) built for the purpose of generating blocks or items or duplicating them are strictly prohibited
    • Destruction of your machine and anything created with it
    • Ban if appropriate
  2. Construction of ambiguous (e.g. human genitalia or swastikas), bugging (like 1x1 towers) creations is not allowed
    • Destruction of your creation
    • Warning about what you built is illegal
  3. Replanting of farms is mandatory, unless it's clearly yours (so you have to evidently own the farm and the terrain around yourself)
    • Ban if repeatedly disregarded
    • Warning about what you did is illegal
  4. Creating warps inside or in close proximity to a region you don't own is not permitted (if not allowed by owner). This applies to regions that emerged from a previously natural area and can be considered your private home
    • Apologise and remove your warp


  1. Swearing offensively (not recreationally) is not tolerated, neither is excessive writing in CAPS
    • Mute cell for a couple of minutes
    • Temporary Ban if behaviour persists
  2. Violent insults to players and offences against someone because of their rank or special abilities are not accepted (this includes ethnicity, gender, body, location and personality)
    • Mute cell for a couple of minutes
    • Temporary Ban if behaviour persists

Arguments will result in participants being muted until the argument no longer affects the server chat. Moderators do not need to settle these discussions but can declare a side right if it relates to the server.

Client Modifications

Any client modifications that give you an unfair advantage are forbidden. These include the following:

  1. Flying mods are not welcome
    • Jail to allow you to remove it
    • Ban if request is not respected
  2. X-ray modifications (that allow you to see what's behind other blocks) are absolutely prohibited
    • Ban if there's evidence
    • Check if items were obtained in a legitimate manner and put those in quarantine

Any client modifications that do not give an ingame advantage such as Minimap and Optifine are currently tolerated. These can be classified as visual and GUI enhancements.

Powers and limitations

  1. /tp is to only be used by request - unless it's to greet new players and check what they're doing or valid reason is present to believe the subject may be breaking rules
  2. /kick can be used as a warning in any minor case
  3. Region protections are only for homes of donators - private regions should be created rarely
  4. Region protections are not to be altered except by request of the owner(s)
  5. Moderators with appropriate powers may only open other people's locked chests if the owner of the chest has stolen something and the given moderator knows almost indefinetly that the items were stolen.
  6. Looking into chests is acceptable if someone is suspected to have obtained items illegally. Suspicious items are to be asked about in order to help find X-rayers and griefers.
  7. Deleting protections on blocks is only to be done when they are within someone else's property. If it is a chest containing items, all contents must be moved to a new area safely.

Being of a higher rank (VIP or moderator) means being a role model to all other players. Never break any rules and behave as mature as the administrator.