BismarkCCGamer's arrival on this server had an immense impact on our community life. Before BismarkCCGamer, an average day on The Divine Crusade was like going for a walk through a park with people playing frisbee and birds chirping. Suddenly, thunderclouds appeared on the horizon. This marked the coming of the disturbance. BismarkCCGamer, who sees Otto von Bismarck as his role model, has got "special" political views. According to dear community member dtgwer, it would take 10 books about the size of Harry Potter tomes to accurately portray BismarkCCGamer's perspective on the humans that inhabit Planet Earth. To sum it up, he doesn't like the way most countries are governed nowadays. He doesn't see any future for the United States of America.

Curtis sympathises with Jews. He supports the efforts by the United States of America to give Jews a place to live in Israel. Moreover, he has been participating for years in rallies that fight for less discrimination against Jews. Until 2012, he even had a major role in said group. Amongst other things, he was responsible for printing posters with messages like "Jews FTW!". In addition to that, he's very honest about his attitude towards Muslims and the Islam in general. He strongly disapproves of their culture, including their outdated way of life (e.g. how they handle women).

Fact Sheet

Name: Curtis
Gender: Male
Age: 20 years
Location: Manheim, PA

Current rank: VIP
Date joined: September 8, 2012
Level of maturity: If you were to dig a hole in the Earth's crust, you wouldn't find it but reach China
Favourite block: Nether Quartz Ore

Specialised in: Good miner (apparently doing it legit) and designer
Weak in: Shift-clicking over lava
Famous builds: Dortmund

NoteEye of Providence

Server owner is watching you!


<csdeeb> it said flying is not enabled on this server
<BismarkCCGamer> csdeeb your not a bird!

<Fabianius> Maybe another American, Inuma, can enlighten us a bit on your culture.
<BismarkCCGamer> our culture is
<BismarkCCGamer> odd
<BismarkCCGamer> its like if you put soup chicken syrup dog shit and lemonade in a cup

<Fabianius> Oh that is a nice username! skdjhgsdjlkghl? I'm curious about its meaning.
<BismarkCCGamer> it means that his fingers had a severe spazm while creating his account