Have you ever met a person that is both intelligent and likeable? I guess you haven't. When Blue_sokz first joined I had no clue who he was. He became moderator pretty fast and got quite awkward description ("Blue_sokz is blue."). However, I honestly had no clue what a professional redstone builder he was when - I did set up a Creative server and he showed me his talents. Unfortunately, some of his creations were griefed because of him not denying TNT in his protected region. Anyway, to sum up I have to admit that there's lots of potential inside him. If only he wasn't that lazy when talking about mining resources...

Fact Sheet

Name: Chris Poole
Gender: Male
Age: 27 years
Location: Stafford, Great Britain

Current rank: Head Moderator
Date joined: April 24, 2011
Level of maturity: High
Favourite block: Redstone Red Wool

Specialised in: Building whole computers using redstone
Weak in: Not getting 9-year-old girls (WolfTears) to love him
Famous builds: Parthenon


<CDKJS> when are you 18?
<Blue_sokz> June
<Zxp> June
<Blue_sokz> both of us xD
<Blue_sokz> yes.. me and zxp are twins
<Zxp> :o
<Zxp> Your my long lost twin blue!
<Zxp> :D