Both the Server Administrator and Deity, Fabianius spends much of his time wading through hoards of requests, applications and complaints whilst creating puzzles and traps for the regulars on the server; usually involving TNT! Ultimately, he has the final say in any argument and will make you regret misbehaving whilst in his presence!

Fact Sheet

Name: Fabian
Gender: Male
Age: 29 years
Location: Schwyz, Switzerland

Current rank: Administrator
Date joined: November 27, 2010
Level of maturity: Top-notch
Favourite block: TNT

Specialised in: Building puzzles and mazes using redstone and pistons Blowing shit up
Weak in: Flawless
Famous builds: Piston Puzzle


<JAMjustin35> ill pay $500 to get unstable off this server, lol jk
<Fabianius> That's a compliment for Unstable. I'd let FlowFJ for $5 for instance! xD

<Fabianius> OK, now you have to tell me what my weakness is.
<Blue_sokz> 'Flawless'
<Blue_sokz> xD
<Fabianius> Oh I like that. I thought I had to threaten you with demotion, but that sounds nice. xD

<BismarkCCGamer> and it fills my dark empty soul with joy
<BismarkCCGamer> xD
<jackdeeb> then how dark is it
<Fabianius> Bis' soul is as dark as #000000.