Mary is a real gem! Respected for her broad knowledge, she's known to the community of The Divine Crusade as the only player who is actually likeable - owing to her profound sympathy. Additionally, she's improving the server by applying her artistic skills and enjoys playing and chitchatting with others. By her own admission, order and cleanliness don't matter to her; she's instead crazy, playful, dingy and childish when she feels like it.

Her relationship to Zxp has been an ongoing matter. In view of the fact that Zxp is allowed to express promotion requests directly to Fabianius, it's important that especially he isn't bribable. Opponents of her becoming a moderator criticise that she's capable of somehow magically influencing Zxp. Her ability to influence manipulate men has hence been topic of ongoing research.

In respect of Zxp's evident deficiency in assessing players for their suitability for community servers (I'm thinking of Fullash...), Fabianius himself was at first skeptical whether Mary could master the struggles caused by this sudden involuntary advancement to the rank of a moderator. These concerns vanished into thin air on the same day the administrator initiated a dialogue with her. It turned out that she was perfectly cast for the role of the arbiter.

Mary is not at all reserved (woe betide anyone calling her tame!), but she's a modest and decent girl with a weakness for dangerous vehicles (how can she drive dirt bikes?). She acts as a role model to the underage community members. Due to her natural way of being intrigued in other people's lives, she learns them how to convey interest in someone else's matters. This is an important character skill since it makes people like you. Mary provides the adolescents in need of it with an indispensable foundation for future social contacts which all require such behaviour.

You don't often meet naturally nice persons on planet Earth. You should decisively hold on to them. That's also why Fabianius appointed a task force consisting of Zxp taking care of keeping Inuma13 on The Divine Crusade. Some weeks later, though, he could take over himself.

Fact Sheet

Name: Mary Batchelor
Gender: Female
Age: 25 years
Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey

Current rank: Moderator
Date joined: June 26, 2013
Level of maturity: Look straight up in the sky. She's located on top of everyone else
Favourite block: Mycellium

Specialised in: Everything music-related (pro at composing songs with note blocks). Parkour
Weak in: Riding horses - or even finding one
Famous builds: Nothing noteworthy yet