According to Jakerid, The Divine Crusade has been the only Minecraft server he "actually put any effort into". All the goals he sought to achieve on the world and the fellows he befriended were a reason why Jakerid didn't let go of the #1 Minecraft community. Unlike many other members that have heard about The Divine Crusade from colleagues already playing it, Jakerid read about Reign of Apaches or maybe Skullheart on the official Minecraft forums. Despite having been active for almost two years now, Jakerid was seemingly never taken into consideration for a promotion - until now. That's why he takes a step forward to tell the world that everything you aspire to can be accomplished - with the necessary patience.

Fact Sheet

Name: Jacob Roberts
Gender: Male
Age: 23 years
Location: Telford, Great Britain

Current rank: Moderator
Date joined: April 15, 2011
Level of maturity: Between good and average (low at times)
Favourite block: Iron block

Specialised in: Building huge and amazing structures
Weak in: Finishing them
Famous builds: His island and Stratus City


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