I remember how JammyTheEpic1 attracted attention of oh so many other players. His account got hacked! "OH MY GOD!" you're tempted to shout now. However, calm down - because the situation is far less intricate than one might think. iWoodeh (previously known as Urbanjose) decided to go on a rampage and destroy JammyTheEpic1's beautifully built house that he honestly put so much effort in. He was sad at heart about that and hoped for the empathy of the rest of the community - until everyone learnt that iWoodeh just found out his password. Yes, you should indeed not have an easy-to-guess password. That's a fact. Anyway, humankind is on planet Earth to learn stuff. That he did on that day. (Interesting side note: Fabianius actually protected his home just a day ago to prevent any griefs.) JammyTheEpic1 was fortunate to choose a server with such a kind-hearted administrator by all means. Not only did His Highness take his case partially serious. He even reverted his island to the state it was before. Now everything's back to normal with iWoodeh banned. The only thing that remains is iWoodeh's blazzing hatred whose origin is widely unknown.

Fact Sheet

Name: William George Bone
Gender: Male
Age: 20 years
Location: London, Great Britain

Current rank: B-list Celebrity
Date joined: April 26, 2012
Level of maturity: On the edge of getting sucked into Void
Favourite block: Nether Brick, Obsidian, Enchantment Table

Specialised in: Annoying nightangle465
Weak in: Getting a staff rank - and managing to get iWoodeh's respect
Famous builds: Casadaria


<Fabianius> Who's the most loyal member?
<edroy10> well i am the most loyal person?
<Zxp> I'm the most loyal member and you can't dispute it :D
<JammyTheEpic1> girls girls stop fighting ur both pretty
<JammyTheEpic1> so shut up

<JammyTheEpic1> anyway fab
<JammyTheEpic1> get it over and done with
<dtgwer> Today, we lose a Gold donor.
<dtgwer> Because of his stupidity.
<dtgwer> GG.
<dtgwer> RIP donor jammy.
<dtgwer> Welcome back Normal Jammy.
<JammyTheEpic1> and this people is why i hate dtg