In fact, St0nie is a good friend of the administrator. This brings the common benefits of course. The first time he visited our splendid Minecraft multiplayer server was in January 2011. He didn't care too much about the community then, though, but enjoyed building. To be honest, his building style was superb and a bit unique. It was unfortunate that he forsook The Divine Crusade for over 1½ years. However, on the day he returned it was evident that he'd dwell on us. Maybe he didn't like the community in 2011. Maybe his English just improved. He stayed and got VIP and his profile on the website. That's a fact. Some members question his VIP promotion. However, according to Fabianius, he seems at least partly trustworthy.

Fact Sheet

Name: Sebastian Eberle
Gender: Male
Age: 29 years
Location: Brunnen, Switzerland

Current rank: B-list Celebrity
Date joined: January 26, 2011
Level of maturity: High at times, hence bearable
Favourite block: Stone slab

Specialised in: Abandoning The Divine Crusade for over one and half a year but then rejoining gladly
Weak in: Preserving some privacy (check out his livestream)
Famous builds: Halfjord


<St0nie> aaaaaaaand he's gone...