When Unstable joined for the first time, I thought a famous "celebrity" came here. Seriously. He talked about all the business he made on the renowned Buxville server. He especially mentioned his Tower of Time (ToT), a sort of maze full of obstacles. He apparently got fairly rich owing to the fact that you had to buy tickets for trying out the maze. Therefore, I hoped he would stay on my server and rebuild his fabulous obstacle course here. He always tried to but never managed to ultimately finish it. So that was the story of an ambitious entrepreneur. He's also the best friend of Zxp and therefore tends to get into arguments with him. And he plays Team Fortress 2 too often. Nevertheless, he definitely belongs to the history of The Divine Crusade and the Reign of Apaches as well.

Fact Sheet

Name: Darren
Gender: Male
Age: 23 years
Location: USA

Current rank: A-list Celebrity
Date joined: December 29, 2010
Level of maturity: Medium average
Favourite block: Cobblestone

Specialised in: Building obstacle courses
Weak in: Not persistent enough when building a new ToT
Famous builds: Tower of Time


<Unstable> Mmmm rotten flesh
<Unstable> So yummy
<Starshade707> Tasty
<Starshade707> That was my main food source untill Fab gave me some melon seeds
<Starshade707> Now I have a massive melon farm
<Fabianius> You should get some bread.
<Unstable> lol
<Unstable> Real food is for n00bs
<Fabianius> I've got a chest full of bread already. Just by farming.
<Unstable> Real men eat their fallen foes
<Unstable> AKA Zombies