"You've got mail!", "You've got mail!" - that's how I noticed Yazu13's presence at first. I received numerous complaints from him about certain users (e.g. Zxp) misbehaving.

Fact Sheet

Name: Zack McClure
Gender: Male
Age: 29 years
Location: Portland, Oregon

Current rank: C-list Celebrity
Date joined: March 9, 2011
Level of maturity: High
Favourite block: Diamond

Specialised in: Business (Trading, etc.)
Weak in: Keeping calm when facing Zxp
Famous builds: The Sanctum of Valefore


<Blue_sokz> hey yaz
<Yazu13> Hey
<TorinJones> hi yaz
<Yazu13> Hey again
<TorinJones> hi
<TorinJones> hi
<Demon_Miyu> HELLO
<bloodog> hi
<Blue_sokz> hey demon
<monster10> hi
<Demon_Miyu> hey
<smaster122> Hey all
<monster10> hi
<Yazu13> This conversation is so deep.

<Yazu13> If TTD ever goes live and you're planning to have it be around for some time, I'd do my best to brin
<Yazu13> bring people in. I'm quite good at that.
<Jakerid> We want good players, not Roof's dodgy friends/ xD