We were surprised to see dannyboy161's town Xariz. It looked wonderful owing to his skills in designing. However, it was filled with iron and gold blocks. This made us really suspicious. Unfortunately, we still couldn't prove the illegitimacy of his mining-"process".

Fact Sheet

Name: Dan Williams
Gender: Male
Age: 27 years
Location: Great Britain

Current rank: Moderator
Date joined: March 12, 2011
Level of maturity: Average
Favourite block: Gold Block

Specialised in: Building, but especially slapping other people
Weak in: Redstone
Famous builds: Beaconsfield, Xariz


I got all my iron legit :(

<king_craft99> dany why does everone have a house
<dannyboy161> Because i let them
<king_craft99> why not me??????????????????????
<king_craft99> !!!!!!!!!!!!!
<dannyboy161> because i have seen you grief multiple times

<king_craft99> can i make a house her
<dannyboy161> nope
<dannyboy161> not after what i saw on the temp server
<king_craft99> can i buy a house
<dannyboy161> no houses for sale atm.