Initially having found out about the server from the twin brothers fwyrl and swyrl after finals in the library of his school, dtgwer is regularly playing our server collecting new stuff for DHQ (Dronable Headquarters), trading with villagers and helping others whenever he can. dtgwer likes the tight and knit community he experiences on The Divine Crusade. Now listen! He even considers it being collaborative! Besides, he also enjoys being Big Brother and therefore hosts "Hunger Games" from time to time on his own initiative.

Fact Sheet

Name: Yurong Li
Gender: Male
Age: 25 years
Location: Newton, Massachusetts

Current rank: Celebrity
Date joined: November 9, 2011
Level of maturity: Sine wave
Favourite block: Dragon egg

Specialised in: Finding all sorts of glitches
Weak in: Not exploiting warps and permissions
Famous builds: DHQ Mushroom Farm, DHQ Farm and Spleef Arena, Stronghold


<dtgwer> teleported to fab in lava.
<dtgwer> gj me >.>
<Fabianius> Oh you did? Sry... xD
<dtgwer> dw
<dtgwer> protection 4 on all armor
<Fabianius> Yeah, you gotta know, sometimes I swin in lava.
<dtgwer> means i only took...
<dtgwer> well
<dtgwer> no dmg xD
<Fabianius> Sometimes I like to do that cause I feel like God then.
<dtgwer> lol
<Fabianius> I actually am - just noticed.