Jur is from the Netherlands and an avid gym goer. He not only builds muscle and strength there but also meets with his friends. Jur could even imagine a job related to sports - despite his interest in videogames and computers in general.

klot88 heard of Minecraft for the first time when watching Yogscast. Three months later he attained a Minecraft account. At school he learned that his friend edroy10 was playing it, too, and was suggested to join The Divine Crusade. At first, he assisted him but later on he started his own project, Zain, with killerwup. Ever since, klot88 would also work on smaller projects but eventually always return to improving Zain even more.

Fact Sheet

Name: Jur Suppers
Gender: Male
Age: 23 years
Location: Limburg, Netherlands

Current rank: VIP
Date joined: June 4, 2012
Level of maturity: Average
Favourite block: Beacon

Specialised in: Building massive structures (especially underground)
Weak in: Lack of honesty, shy
Famous builds: Zain