sinnz is what I call a "Redstone Expert God". He's got lots of knowledge about circuits and is therefore able to make almost any system you could imagine in Minecraft. Suddenly, Blue_sokz came and watched sinnz doing his stuff. During that time Blue_sokz learnt more and more and ultimately claims himself now as the new "Redstone Expert". However, sinnz always stayed a very kind person. He always helps out when asked.

Fact Sheet

Name: Ben Harris
Gender: Male
Age: 25 years
Location: Great Britain

Current rank: Moderator
Date joined: February 14, 2011
Level of maturity: High
Favourite block: Piston

Specialised in: Redstone
Weak in: Having enough redstone
Famous builds: His and Blue_sokz's top-secret vault


<Zxp> Sinnz has only lost his temper once
<Zxp> Blue..never has?
<Blue_sokz> Nope
<Blue_sokz> I dont do angry :)
<sinnz> It was justified when I did, for the record
<sinnz> And it wasn't a loss of temper, more of a composure of harsh words

<sinnz> I somehow got dubbed 'redstone god'
<Blue_sokz> Oh how did that happen... ^_^

<sinnz> People just need to be careful
<sinnz> It's like standing on the side of a cliff
Chrisray408 hit the ground too hard
<sinnz> Wow, great timing
<dannyboy161> xD
<Chrisray408> (i'd staged that)
<sinnz> ;)