snipeytje is one of those few players that have been playing this server from the first day on. He hasn't been on our previous server, but was still greeted by RedCapedWonder on the day after New Year's Eve 2011 and was invited to move to Skyrim (a city that has been destroyed since). All of a sudden, he started looking for a name for his ship-to-be. Consequently, he began with the construction of his first ship. A passion he hasn't given up on until this day. All in all, snipeytje is a fantastic builder who is well versed with the layout of (multi-storey!) ships. His creations can be checked out at his port "Sand Point" where all his vessels are roped up at a pier. They have all endured the rough sea of over two years of partial abandonment.

Fact Sheet

Name: Albert
Gender: Male
Age: 27 years
Location: Netherlands

Current rank: Moderator
Date joined: January 1, 2011
Level of maturity: About as high as Fabianius
Favourite block: Variations of wood

Specialised in: Constructing ships
Weak in: Automatic farms and Redstone
Famous builds: Sand Point, Mining Dutchman in New Haven