The roots of The Divine Crusade go way back to before January 2011. During all these months new Minecraft players joined and old members quit. There have been lots of changes in the user base. Not uncommonly, a good percentage of these users were quite popular. This section of the website is therefore devoted to all the famous players of this server.


A Veteran is a player who joined this server prior to 2011 and hence also played on our predecessor Reign of Apaches

prototy prototy

Kakarikon Kakarikon


The average Celebrity is known for his or her characteristic behaviour - such as excessive drinking and partying. Celebrities play a crucial role on The Divine Crusade since they helped to form the community as it is today. They are well known amongst other players. Some have been promoted to VIP or even moderator before but couldn't retain their rank long enough because of either inactivity or sudden immature behaviour.

tomownu21 tomownu21

StereotypeA StereotypeA

smaster122 smaster122

Moocher Moocher

Blizzardry Blizzardry

MassE016 MassE016

joelou1 joelou1

Shee_Chwan Shee_Chwan

The Disappointments

When The Divine Crusade was founded, I never thought about the necessity of an actual internet pillary. In my imagination griefing didn't exist (I mean I'd never grief). I was disabused when immature youngsters came on just for minor griefing for a couple of hours - until they got permanently banned. The even more shocking situations however arose when the first prominent community members (e.g. Yazu13 or dtgwer) started to go on the rampage. Amongst other things, this eventually led to the decision of renaming "C-list Celebrities" to The Disappointments - since they really are what the name suggests. Shame on yourself!

ZebraFeet_ ZebraFeet_

austincraig2017 austincraig2017

Urbanjose Urbanjose

Kavaloosh Kavaloosh

Other notable members

Some other notable community members that are still known by the Veterans of The Divine Crusade are the following: Ross_H Ross_H, RedCapedWonder RedCapedWonder, Redcoatz Redcoatz, HavikSett HavikSett, drone184 drone184, l4dfanatic l4dfanatic, Aryios Aryios, scottapus scottapus, xXcoopergangXx xXcoopergangXx, king_craft99 king_craft99, Austin_DarkBane Austin_DarkBane, randomMONKEYboy randomMONKEYboy, Rocky401Kill Rocky401Kill, Starshade707 Starshade707